Join us as we dive into a selection of great books about how God calls each of us in profound ways!  

Our group will meet at 6:00 pm starting November 29th & we will set up a schedule the first evening.  Each meeting will begin with a rosary & copies of selected books will be provided to every participant.  This group is for girls in 7th through 12th grades.  Light snacks &  refreshments for our group will be  available and if any parents would like to help please feel free to contact us. 

A Story of a Soul Full Synopsis

The ‘Story of a Soul’ is St. Therese’s autobiography. Beginning with her first memory, it traces her life, ending with her blissful death in the convent. There are three segments: the first segment of her life was from her very early time of reason to the death of her mother when she was four and a half, the second segment of her life continued after the death of her mother until she was fourteen, and the third segment of her life began with her entrance to the convent until her death at twenty-five.

About St. Therese de Lisieux

St. Therese of Lisieux was proclaimed, by St. Pius X, as “the greatest saint of modern times.” She is also co-patron of the missions. Born in 1873, Therese was the youngest of five daughters. Her parents, the Martins, prosperous in their own right, were very successful in maintaining a devout household. The first sorrow of St. Therese’s short life of twenty five years was the death of her mother when she was four. Following this tragedy, her father relocated the family to Lisieux where his late wife’s brother and sister-in-law would help to care for Therese and her sisters. When Therese was nine, her sister, Pauline, left home to enter the nearby convent. Four years later, another sister, Marie, entered the same cloister. Both of Therese’s ‘little mothers’ had become sisters in another right. Shortly after Marie joined, Therese, at the age of fifteen, received the same calling to religious life. Her father agreed with her and gave her his consent. However, both of the Carmelite superiors and the bishop said that she was too young. The bishop changed his mind and Therese was given permission a few months later. It was there that she would live out her childhood goal – “I want to be a saint.”

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